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By the Division of Digital Psychiatry @ BIDMC.

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A Versatile neuropsychiatric smartphone app

Capture real time digital fingerprints.
Track progress and monitor for risk.

Create Participant Surveys

Assess symptoms in real-time with custom surveys.

Surveys are customized on the dashboard.
Find instructions on how to create them.

Customize notification schedules

Configure content delivery frequency.

​Notifications are scheduled on the dashboard.
Find instructions on how to schedule them.

Monitor reports In the dashboard

Reports with interactive visualizations.

Track reports and progress using the dashboard.
​Find instructions on navigating it.

Reactive data with intelligent automations

Intelligent automations easily assemble into a reactive data processing pipeline.

Don't just track survey results and collect sensor data. Use powerful plug-and-play workflows built atop intelligent automations. Data comes alive and reacts to its context in ways never imagined.

Customizable Surveys

Design and customize surveys to capture real-time symptom report.

Cognitive Assessments

Modified neuropsychological tests provide an assessment of the user's cognitive abilities while creating an enjoyable experience.

Environment Tagging

​GPS locations are taken with every survey or game and the user is prompted to tag their environmental and social context.

Mindfulness Activities

Play games to help manage and alleviate symptoms.

Physiologic Samples

Integration with Health Kit information from both Apple and Android to see a user's activity levels.

Track Progress

​Track your progress over time and compare your scores to other LAMP users.


Studies using LAMP


Participants using LAMP


Clinically-actionable Data Streams


How much it costs to use LAMP

No web dashboard
✔️Web dashboard
✔️Web dashboard
✔️Mobile Application
✔️Mobile Application
✔️Mobile Application
Limited data visualization
Some data visualization
✔️Data visualization
No custom scheduling of data collection
No custom scheduling of data collection
✔️Supports custom scheduling of data collection
No support for specialized health care team views
No support for specialized health care team views
✔️Supports specialized health care team views
Not open source
Partially open source
✔️Completely free and open source
Basic software for medical research
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Complete neuropsychiatric platform for research and clinical care
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Research Citations

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Liu, G., Henson, P., Keshavan, M., Pekka-Onnela, J. and Torous, J. (2019). Assessing the potential of longitudinal smartphone based cognitive assessment in schizophrenia: A naturalistic pilot study. Schizophrenia Research: Cognition, 17, p.100144. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scog.2019.100144


Supported by the Natalia Mental Health Foundation and the BIDMC HTEC Initiative

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